Pedalectrics - Ultra Light Ground Vehicles

The Pedalectrics Project

The company name is Pedalectric, but the technology it is engaged in developing goes far beyond constructing better bicycles.

Pedalectrics’ current focus is on vehicles built to the US Department of Transportations’ Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) standards.

First Round
The expectation, however, is that the NEV will evolve rapidly to proliferate as an increasingly mainstream vehicle that seriously rivals all standard automobiles in trips under 35 miles in the urban and suburban market.As a standardizing second or third family vehicle, it is designed to help economize lifestyles for families, and not to directly challenge the traditional auto market as the primary vehicle of choice.

Increasing visibility and viability will push the Ultra Light Ground Vehicles of Pedalectric into the mainstream, of the personal vehicle mix in the United States.

The Pedalectric Company

Seed Round
The Pedalectrics company has been formed in Denver Colorado to develop and build Ultra Light Ground Vehicles. The company’s initial production facility is located at 3950 Franklin Street on the North side of Denver’s downtown. The area is filled with small shops and light industrial fabricators, an optimum environment for a company like Pedalectric with a focus on the possibilities of current technologies re-aligned for improved applications.

Industry Partners

Pedalectric has identified three key technologies,industr,y technology companies and is actively engaged in discussions with companies across the US discussions to use their licensed productstechnology in current prototypes. Further sStrategic partnering is planned as means of insuring unhindered access to critical component assemblies, and a significant lead over potential competitors.

Investor Profile

Investors are being sought for the seed round to complete and enhance the production prototypes, and for a first round of funding to fully implement the project through sales.

No offer to sell any security in the Pedalectrics project is being made by this description of investment planning.